“The Buck Stops Here” for Content Duplication

Traffic Generation

As a general rule of thumb…

Do not reproduce third party articles on your site. Google may hold you responsible for duplicating material. Remember the lines of responsibility — you are held directly responsible for what is on your site.… Read more

2 New Ways To Keep Up on Your Niche

Content & Article Writing

You only have x hours to put into your online business per day. Try to put some of your time into following your niche.

There are some great ways to do that using Search It! and we just added 2 more searches into this handy e-business tool (Step 1’s “Reference Library for Content”).… Read more

Raising Your “M” Game

Ken’s Blog

PREsold customers are easier to convert. By providing high-value, relevant content to your visitors through Keyword-Focused Content Pages, you build trust, credibility and a willing-to-buy mindset.

There is no reason in the world that Keyword-Focused Content Pages cannot be Product-Focused Content Pages.… Read more

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