The Importance of BAM… Raw Intelligence Is Over-Rated!

The Importance of BAM... Raw Intelligence Is Over-Rated!

By Ken Evoy…

Raw intelligence is nice to have, but it’s not the be-all and end-all for achieving successful results with your online business… or life, for that matter.

Intelligence is overrated. Worse still, it does a disservice to the top 5% of successful online business owners who do have it, and it makes the 95% of people who form the big middle bulge of the bell curve feel “ordinary.” Here’s why…

Our education system measures us all according to intelligence.… Read more

Self-Inventory: Adjust for a Healthy Blend of Favorable Traits

Self-Inventory: Adjust for a Healthy Blend of Favorable Traits

There are two types of people in the business world when measured according to any particular trait scale. Consider the two ends in the following trait scales…

  • honest to crooked
  • introvert to extrovert
  • genius to moron
  • positive personality to negative/nasty personality
  • optimist to pessimist

When you consider all the scales and their own spectrums that could run from +100 to 0 to -100, there’s an infinite number of possible combinations.… Read more

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