Lessons Learned From the SiteSell FB Page Fiasco

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This is a follow-up posting about the Facebook fiasco, written the day after they finally restored our SiteSell Facebook page.

Some profound lessons were learned (the hard way). Let's share with you ("the smart person is the one who learns the hard lesson from the voice of experience, the easy way")…

Lesson #1: The Power of Community

Have no doubt about this… This SiteSell Facebook Page is back up because of YOU.… Read more

Come Celebrate at SiteSell Facebook!

How to Build an E-Business

Let the celebration begin! The SiteSell Facebook community has reached an exciting milestone – 10,000 "Likes" and growing!

As a thank you for everyone's enthusiastic support, there's a special 3-day event happening. It has two exciting parts…

1) Comment SurPRIZE

We'll be giving a variety of mystery prizes for your comments.… Read more

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