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The Importance of Open Graph (OG) Tags

The Importance of Open Graph (OG) Tags

Open Graph (OG) tags are part of every page of your site. This article discusses why OG tags are important, and what each one does to help you and your visitors promote your site on social media sites.

Why OG Tags Are Important

The OG protocol allows you to turn your website into objects in Facebook’s social graph.Read more

The Role of Social in Today’s Online Business Building

he Role of Social in Today's Online Business Building

Many business owners today struggle with social media. It requires time to learn, time to execute, and time to realize real benefits. And time, as we know, is at a premium.

It helps though to understand not just what social can do for you, but the role that it can and should play in growing your online business.Read more

Google’s +1 and What It Will Mean for You

Social Media

by Help Elf

The Boss (Ken) sent me a few notes and asked me to blend with my own comments on Google’s recent +1 release, just to get you started thinking on this. He’ll be posting something more definitive when he’s had a chance to absorb its meaning, short and long term.… Read more

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