Traffic Hump? Go The Extra Mile

Ken’s Blog

The traffic stats of young sites that are building content and more content sometimes just “take off.” Right theme, great material, etc. Exciting momentum!

But others can take longer… 10 visitors one month, 15 the next, maybe back to 10, then 30, then 50, then 40.… Read more

Search It! Has Two New Searches

Business Tips

Check out the 2 new searches at Search It!

Back Links > To SUBDOMAIN from Other Sites (SEOmoz)

Back Links > To Page from Other Sites (SEOmoz)

These two SEOmoz searches are useful ways to check links to your site and to any page on your site.… Read more

How and When To Monetize Your Site

Building a Theme-Based Content Site is a flexible strategy that anyone can use to create an online income. But do you know the #1 mistake that most small business people commit while starting their online businesses?

They start with Monetization.… Read more

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