Turning Comics Into Cash – Lessons From a Solopreneur Superhero
Turning Comics Into Cash - Lessons From a Solopreneur Superhero
In today's video interview we talk to a guy who went from losing $30K to $1.4 million in sales in just two years. Meet Ashley Cotter-Cairns, the "Ash Man." After several detours he finally found his perfect business in a forgotten childhood passion: comic books and superheroes. Let's find out how he became the superhero of his own story.
Video Interview: A Solopreneur Fairy Tale
Video Interview: A Solopreneur Fairy Tale
''I am living the dream,'' says Solo Build It! member Carl Trent. In our video interview he shares how he became the "Disney Dad." Whether you want to add extra income, find your dream retirement job, or completely change career, Carl's story will inspire you to follow your passion.
Video Posts Perform Poorly Time and Time Again

Over 84% of Internet users in the US watch online videos and consume an average of more than 20 hours of video per month. So you would think that posting videos on your Facebook Page would be an excellent strategy for optimizing reach and engagement.… Read more

Be Selective About Posting Videos

Many Facebook marketers will tell you that video is an excellent medium for engaging your fans. And it is true that Facebook is now the second most popular video platform after YouTube, in terms of total viewers. It is certainly easy to be lulled into “following the crowd” when you see numbers like that.… Read more

What Makes a Good Video?

Social Media

There are specific factors which make or break the impact your video has on visitors. Try these tips…

Video Quality Factors

1) Comfort

Discomfort in front of the camera translates loud and clear. Try this fun technique to relax and act more natural in front of the camera…

Film a short video on a subject that makes you smile, even laugh.… Read more

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