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SBI! for WP Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in SBI! for WP. We have assembled this Media Kit to provide you with most of the information and assets you may require when writing about the product. If you require additional information or resources, please contact us.

OUTLINE of the SBI! for WP Media Kit

  1. ABOUT SBI! for WP
  2. PROPER Terminology & Vocabulary for SBI! for WP
  3. ASSETS for SBI! for WP
  4. SAMPLE Review & Story
  5. HISTORY of SBI! for WP
  6. FREQUENTLY Asked Questions about SBI! for WP
  7. ABOUT SiteSell
  8. CONTACT the SBI! for WP Team


SBI! for WP is a complete system for solopreneurs and bloggers who want to start or grow their business. It includes:

  • Access to thorough online educational materials for building a business.
  • A world-class, powerful keyword research tool for niche-finding and keyword discovery.
  • Incredible integration with WordPress, bringing targeted keywords into pages and posts.
  • Opportunities to participate in a vibrant community of fellow solopreneurs.
  • A rich and growing archive of articles and information.

Access to the processes, tools and information is offered to customers on a subscription basis.

PROPER Terminology & Vocabulary for SBI! for WP

  • Company: SiteSell
  • Product: SBI! for WP or SBI! for WordPress
  • Product Components: Action Guide, Brainstorm It!, SBI! for WP Plugin

ASSETS for SBI! for WP

Official SiteSell Logo:

SiteSell Logo

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SiteSell Logo

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SiteSell Logo

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Official SBI! for WP Logo:

SiteSell Logo

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SiteSell Logo

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SiteSell Logo

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Sample SBI! for WP Banner:

SBI! for WP hero area

SAMPLE Review & Story


While SBI! for WP is technically an iteration of an older product, SiteSell was determined to approach the project from a fresh slate. A team was assembled, and the Lean Startup methodology was studied and employed.

After determining the scope of the problems we wished to tackle, we began interviewing members of our likely audience segment. Bloggers, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, and online business owners.

As we proceeded through the interview process, learning about the issues and existing solutions our interviewees were experiencing, we began to validate our hypothesis. We verified that there was indeed a need for easy access to online business-building education, and for better and more powerful keyword research tools.

We completed development of SBI! for WP and opened it up for beta testing and review.

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions about SBI! for WP

Q: Who is SBI! for WP For?

A: SBI! for WP is for any WordPress site owner or business who wishes to get help building their business. The Action Guide can be used to provide clarity in business processes, while the Brainstorm It! tool can be used to identify a business niche, or research topics for writing page or post copy.

Q: How Much Does SBI! for WP Cost?

A: SBI! for WP is offered on a subscription basis, with payment options of $17 per month or $149 per year.

Q: Is SBI! for WP Compatible With WordPress 4.9?

A: Yes, the SBI! for WP Plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Q: Are There Any Known Compatibility Issues With Other WordPress Plugins?

A: No, there are no compatibility issues between SBI! for WP and other available WordPress plugins.

ABOUT SiteSell

Since 1997, SiteSell has enabled everyday solopreneurs to start and grow their web business ideas. SiteSell’s flagship product, SBI!, is a comprehensive, integrated, business-building system. In addition to best-of-the-Web functionality for keyword brainstorming/research and viral traffic-building, SBI! value-bundles step by step guidance and a suite of over 85 site-building, hosting, and marketing tools into its all-inclusive subscription.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, SiteSell Inc. has been profitable since its inception in 1997, due in large measure to positive word-of-mouth promotion by its broad base of over 130,000 customers and affiliates. The SiteSell Affiliate Program, first launched in 1999, is well-respected for its revenue-sharing approach, innovative marketing tools and extensive affiliate educational resources.

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CONTACT the SBI! for WP Team

Team Lead / Marketing – Mike Allton, [email protected]

Programmer / Development – Vinny Alves, [email protected]

To request complimentary access to SBI! for WP for the purpose of a review or story, please contact [email protected].

Thank you again for you interest in SiteSell's SBI! for WP!