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How to Collect and Organize Your Business Ideas With Evernote

Written By: SiteSell in Real-Life Success Lessons! | May 4, 2015

How to Collect and Organize Your Business Ideas With Evernote

If you’re like most people, you don’t have your best ideas when you’re at your computer. Creative ideas for your online business (or anything) usually come when you least expect them… when you’re shopping, chatting with a friend over coffee, taking a shower, commuting to work, and so on.

And isn’t it infuriating when you later remember that you had a brilliant idea while running errands, but you just cannot remember the details?

Get into the habit of always recording an idea as soon as you possibly can. Grab it while it’s hot!

There are many solutions available to record your ideas. One of the most popular is Evernote.

Not only is Evernote available for all imaginable platforms, but notes that you create and collect automatically sync between your devices. Snap a picture on your phone and access it on your computer when you return to the office.


Signing Up for Evernote

Evernote offers three versions…

  • BASIC (free)
  • PLUS ($24.99/year)
  • PREMIUM ($49.99/year)

The free version should be sufficient for most users. The paid versions allow for more upload space, offline access and several additional functions. You can start out with the free version and upgrade at any time. To create your free account, sign up here…

Evernote Registration

Using Evernote’s Web Interface

While not the most convenient way to create and access your notes, the advantage of the web interface is that it’s available on any computer in any browser connected to the internet. To sign into your account, go here…

Evernote on the Web

In addition to allowing you to create and manage your notes, the web interface also provides links to all other available applications.

Using Evernote’s Windows and Mac Applications

For larger and complex notes that you create while in front of your computer, use the Windows or Mac application. Get the Mac application by searching for Evernote in the App Store. The Windows application is available here…

Evernote for Windows

The Mac and PC applications offer the richest functionality of all the Evernote apps, especially for searching, tagging, and organizing your notes, as well as creating large and complex notes.

This is where you will most likely reap the results of your information sleuthing.

Tag your notes, organize them into notebooks, and search their content. Evernote even indexes text in images, so if you snap a picture of a page of text, it becomes searchable.

To illustrate, I took a photo of my newspaper and searched for a word on the front page. Not only does Evernote find the photo note, it even highlights where on the page the word is used…


Using Evernote’s Browser Extensions

Download Evernote’s Web Clipper as an extension in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The Web Clipper allows you to quickly create notes while browsing the Web.

Evernote for Smart Phones

An Evernote app is available for all major Smart Phones – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry – as well as for the iPad. Take notes on the go, snap a picture, record a voice memo. Allow your phone to auto-tag the note with your location. Then access it later from your computer.

Let’s say you’re writing a review of a new restaurant that you discovered…

Take a picture of your dish then snap a photo of the menu (the text of which will be digitized by Evernote). Add a few notes and allow your phone to tag the note.

When you return home to write the review, access all that information from the Evernote application.

Other Options for Adding Notes

Evernote offers more quick and easy options to add a note…

A friend sent you an email that sparked an idea? Forward it to your Evernote email address (you’ll find it in your account settings) with a couple of comments.

You can even send Evernote a Tweet or a text message (SMS) to create a brief note.


Use Evernote as the single “bucket” to collect all your notes and ideas, wherever you have them.

With a waterproof smartphone, you can even catch them in the shower!

How are you using Evernote? Please share your tips and tricks in the comments.

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