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Congratulations! You just checked Google Analytics and you broke the 1,000 monthly visitors barrier.


. . . Now what?

What are you going to do with those 2,000 eyeballs (give or take a few) that saw your site?

I hate to tell you this, but the time to ask yourself that question was weeks or months ago, even before your mother started visiting your site, even before 10 visits a day was a milestone for you.… Read more

How To Make You Content Stand Out

There’s a WordPress feature you can use to make your site truly unique. It’s been around for a while — since version 3.0 — but not too many users take advantage of it. I’m talking about custom post types.

“Post types” is a core feature of WordPress, which comes with these post types already built in:

  • Post
  • Page
  • Attachment
  • Revision
  • Navigation menu

You’re already familiar with post and page.… Read more

Written By: Susanna Perkins in Strategies for Business Growth | May 30, 2016


People do business with people they know, like, and trust. How, as a busy solopreneur trying to do it all — run a business, maintain a website, handle the marketing and selling, creating or sourcing products to sell, providing services, and everything in between — do you get your site visitors to know, like, and trust you?… Read more


WordPress is a terrific platform for creating web content. What should you do, though, if you prefer to do your actual writing elsewhere? If you like doing your writing in MS Word, Google Docs, or Evernote, how do you get that content into WordPress?… Read more


As a solopreneur, time is likely the commodity you have the least of. Wouldn’t you love to get twice as much done, without feeling stressed or frazzled?

Let me tell you about a funny thing that happened recently when I reduced my work hours to about 25% of what they had been…

My productivity improved.… Read more

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