19 Personal Freedom Quotes by Everyday Solopreneurs

Personal Freedom Quotes by Everyday Solopreneurs

Last updated: July 27, 2023

Get inspired by these personal freedom quotes from people just like you and me!

My colleague Amy’s bold statement sparked the idea for this collection. She claimed that solopreneurship is personal freedom.

Living and working out of an RV, attending to clients in the wee hours, going for a run in the early morning when others get ready for work… Amy’s lifestyle incorporates that motto inside out.

It made me curious – how is it for other “everyday solopreneurs”? Do they feel the same way? After reading through 50+ interviews with successful Solo Build It! members, I can confidently say: Yes, they do!

Freedom is the number one answer to questions like “What do you enjoy most about being a solopreneur?” and “Has your life changed since you started your online business?”

So if you’re interested in exploring a home-based business idea or the transition from freelancer to entrepreneur, read on. Hear everything these online business owners love about their lifestyle.

Personal Freedom Quotes: Inspiration From People Just Like Me and You

1. Heidi Holvoet: Enjoying the Little Pleasures

Quote by Heidi Holvoet

What I enjoy most is the freedom to work on my own terms, in my own time and to have full responsibility for the work I put in and the rewards I receive. Every single day I wake up grateful to be able to do this job.

The time I get to spend with my children and family thanks to my super flexible work hours is priceless, and something I’ll always cherish more than anything.

Every day I also thoroughly enjoy the little pleasures: being able to go out for a walk with my dog, coffee with a friend or go running, at any time of the day that I please.

Heidi Holvoet, baby-sleep-advice.com

2. Vickie Danielsen: Making My Own Decisions

Quote by Vickie Danielsen

I love working on something I built and created. Having the ability to make my own decisions adds to the freedom I finally have in my life. I love every minute of it.

Vickie Danielsen, simple-knitting.com

3. Tony and Boo Peel: Freedom to Combine Travel and Work

Quote by Tony and Boo Peel

We have clients contacting us from every corner of the world. We are able to assist them and plan a holiday of a lifetime for them. That’s so rewarding.

Plus, we have the freedom to combine travel and work. I remember sitting on the banks of the Zambezi river with our dongle and internet connection, working on our business — it’s almost too good to be true.

Tony and Boo Peel, victoriafalls-guide.net

4. Sarah Kok: The Ultimate Prize

Quote about personal freedom by Sarah Kok

Essentially, having an online business has offered us freedom in every facet of our lives. And to me, that’s the ultimate prize.

Sarah Kok, montenegropulse.com

5. Stephanie and Tobias Locsei: Living Life on Our Terms

Personal Freedom Quote by Stephanie and Tobias Locsei

The number one thing for us is the freedom. Being able to do what we want, when we want, and where we want.

Stephanie and Tobias Locsei, homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

6. David Ralph: Fitting Work Around Life

Solopreneur Quote by David Ralph

Oh my life has changed in so many ways it feels unreal. First of all as I said before I never have to worry about bills, or finding the time to do things anymore. I just fit the work around my life. That is brilliant.

David Ralph, joinupdots.com

7. Patty “Sassy” Knutson: Critical to My Happiness

Working for Myself Quote by Patty Knutson

It is one of the highest forms of creativity. I get an idea, and I can make plans to implement it. I have complete control over all aspects of my website. I have never liked working for others because I don’t like to be told what to do, so working for myself is critical to my happiness!

Patty “Sassy” Knutson, vegancoach.com

8. Ashley Cotter-Cairns: No More Office Politics

Individual Freedom Quote by Ashley Cotter-Cairns

Freedom is huge. I have so much more of it being an online business owner. I quit my last full-time job back in 1996. I was just tired of the BS of working to somebody else’s rules for no good reason, office politics, and all the time I wasted commuting, an hour there, an hour back every morning and night.

Ashley Cotter-Cairns, sellmycomicbooks.com

9. Nancy Ulrich: Making Money in My Sleep

Business Quote by Nancy Ulrich

I love having permission to thoroughly explore something that fascinates me because ‘It’s my business’. Making money in your sleep is also very cool.

Nancy Ulrich, polymerclayer.com

10. Wellesley Gayle: More Precious Family Time

Freedom Quote by Wellesley Gayle

Family Time. It’s just amazing what kind of freedom the Internet has provided us. I do what I like, from home, right where my family is. By the way, my family is loving it! Yesterday we took a day trip to Ocho Rios, it was an absolute blast.

Wellesley Gayle, my-island-jamaica.com

11. Milly Frances and Paula Fitzpatrick: A Change of Mindset

Mindset Quote by Milly Frances and Paula Fitzpatrick

And there’s something else too – the dream of possibilities that working online with a scaleable model brings. The thought that one day we can go to different parts of the world and still continue to work and share the beauty of stained glass is a real change for me. It’s a change of mind set and something that wasn’t a possibility for me before.

Milly Frances and Paula Fitzpatrick, everything-stained-glass.com

12. Svetlana Rubejov: Time With My Kids

Quote by Online Business Owner Svetlana Rubejov

Really the VERY best thing about being an online business owner for me is all the free time I can have with my kids when they come home from school. I take them to various sports and arts activities every day, and even tutor them in subjects they love and don’t get enough of at school. My weekends are devoted almost exclusively to my husband and kids, as my chores are done as soon as they come up, instead of spending weekends doing them.

Svetlana Rubejov, lasvegas-entertainment-guide.com

13. Darlene Abarquez: Flexibility as a Mompreneur

Mompreneur Quote by Darlene Abarquez

The biggest benefit for me as a Mom is the flexibility with my working schedule and the location on where I am working. I can do my work just about anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Darlene Abarquez, make-fabulous-cakes.com

14. Cheryl Hatch: No More Juggling Schedules

Personal Freedom Quote by Cheryl Hatch

For me it is the time flexibility and freedom it provides. Our adult daughters live 1 ½ hours away. Finding a day that works to visit required balancing their individual work and college schedules and my own set work schedule. But, not anymore! My online businesses ARE my job now. That means I can work on them when I want and work my schedule around their days off!

Cheryl Hatch, preschool-plan-it.com

15. Karen Patry: Working for Myself

Solopreneur Quote by Karen Patry

The other awesome thing about being an online business owner is that I work for myself. I make my schedule, and typically work 8 hours a day. But I can arrange those hours as needed.
I love the freedom I have to take a break to help someone in need, babysit a grandchild, or go hiking with a friend.

Karen Patry, raising-rabbits.com

16. John Shank: Peace of Mind for My Retirement

Retirement Income Quote by John Shank

The thing I enjoy the most about being an online business owner is this: Nobody can take away what I have built with SBI!. I’ve taken my knowledge of construction and building sheds, along with SBI!’s amazing site building tools, and have grown a very profitable online business. It is an absolute joy knowing that I have the peace of mind that my retirement will be well funded with my income from ShedKing.

John Shank, shedking.net

17. Antoinette Sawyer: Passive Income Is a Reality

Passive Income Quote by Antoinette Sawyer

Imagine not working for days or weeks yet still seeing an income every day. And that’s a reality. The concept of passive income from an online business is infinitely attainable for regular moms like me working from home. I still get such a huge sense of satisfaction whenever I publish a new page. And I know that I will earn an income from that page over and over and over. You simply cannot duplicate that in most other jobs. Now imagine doing this anywhere in the world at any time convenient to you. Have laptop. Will travel. And we do!

Antoinette Sawyer, free-legal-document.com

18. Elizabeth O’Brien: Location Freedom

Location Freedom Quote by Elizabeth O'Brien

The whole thing [my website] was really born out of an excitement for me in having more control of my own life and being able to work when I wanted to and just have that location freedom.

Elizabeth O’Brien, english-grammar-revolution.com

19. Cath Andrews: Working Wherever I Feel Like

Freedom is my bottom line. Quote by online business owner Cath Andrews.

Success for me is not only to do with making money. It’s to do with more intangible things. So freedom is my “bottom line” — it’s what all those practical things SBI! gives me has led to, and for me it’s the greatest gift anyone could give to me and to my family.

The freedom to move from the UK to a life in Italy that I thought I could only dream about. The freedom to travel when and where I want to. The freedom to be able to work anywhere. In my previous job I used to dream of being able to work at home and stay in my PJs all day if I wanted, rather than sit in a 2 hour traffic jam on my way to work and back. Now I work from my home office if I choose to, but often from my sofa, by my pool, in our olive grove, at the beach, in Cafés, hotels, different countries — wherever I feel like.

Cath Andrews, rasing-happy-chickens.com

19 Quotes on Personal Freedom: Which One Resonates Most With You?

There you have it. 19 personal freedom quotes from everyday people like you and me, who followed their dream of doing what they love, when and wherever they choose.

Which of the quotes is your favorite, and why? Please let us know in a comment.

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Personal Freedom Series:

19 Personal Freedom Quotes by Everyday Solopreneurs
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