Three Facebook Link Sharing Techniques – Pros And Cons

When you run a Facebook Page for your business, one main goal is to drive traffic to your website. You do this by posting links to selected pages on your website. Easy, right? Simply copy and paste the URL and wait for the clicks. Not really. Facebook marketing is an ever evolving art, and sharing links is no exception. You have three different ways of sharing links at your disposal. Each comes with pros and cons. So, let's take a closer look...
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Celebrate Milestones with Your Facebook Fans!

Facebook is the perfect medium for celebrating milestones. These kinds of posts usually achieve a good number of likes and comments and help you get more Facebook fans. Read our tips to make the most of your Facebook milestone celebrations.
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Study Your Customers

E-business Tips

Everything moves fast on the Web, including the nature of your customers. Without really trying, we’ve seen a great growth in travel sites. Time to emphasize what was already happening naturally!

Have you looked at the nature of your customers lately?

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