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The Most Important Piece Of Your Marketing Puzzle


Marketing really is a massive jigsaw puzzle, isn’t it? One of those 1000 piece, double-sided nightmares that takes months to put together. You dump the whole box of pieces onto the table and begin sorting them out, trying to make sense of them all.… Read more

On Purpose Email Marketing. Don’t Use Oops Marketing.

On Purpose Email Marketing. Don’t Use Oops Marketing

Almost every day I get an email in my inbox with a subject line something like this, “Oops, I sent you the wrong link earlier today. Click here for the right one.”

Granted, I’m on a lot of lists. I study marketing and writing, and I like to look at what other people do in their marketing campaigns.… Read more

11 Lessons To Boost Your Email Marketing

11 Lessons To Boost Your Email Marketing

by Dominique de Rooij (

“The money’s in the (email) list” is a popular saying among email marketers, and for good reason. But you need to take your email marketing seriously. Just playing around won’t get you anywhere.

I have been playing around with email marketing over the past few years and sold a few products.Read more

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