Life of a Solopreneur
Life of a Solopreneur
What's the difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur? While the latter is about growing until you can’t grow anymore, the former is about finding the perfect balance for your individual needs between work and family life. It’s about finding something that you enjoy doing and that you can do on your own – and then, turning it into a business that you can manage by yourself. I will go so far as to say that being a solopreneur is, at the end of the day, a lifestyle choice.
The Everyday Solopreneur

The Everyday Entrepreneur

Were you ever that kid who collected rocks from your driveway, turned them into pretty painted paper weights and sold them to neighbors for a few dollars?

Perhaps you ran a lemonade stand but yours was not just any old lemonade stand.… Read more

What’s The Point of Being A Solopreneur?

What’s The Point of Being An Entrepreneur?
Starting your own business can be, frankly, terrifying. Not only are you unsure of your future, you may even have people around you telling you you’re crazy.

In 1977, Debra Sivyer got an investment from a banker to start her own business in Palo Alto, California.… Read more

The Entrepreneurial Time Mindset

Ken’s Blog

Owning and building a business, whether it’s online or offline, takes a considerable amount of work in the first few months. It also requires that you change your mindset. Instead of seeing yourself as an “employee,” you now need to view yourself as an “entrepreneur.”

With this mindset, you understand that you must invest time and energy upfront to build a thriving business.… Read more

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