Are You Getting in Your Own Way?

E-Business Tips

There is no single path to success, although persistence is a critical character trait for ultimate success. Why? Because few people succeed on their first attempt.

There are guaranteed patterns of failure, things that the same people do over and over again.… Read more

Nothing Happens By Accident

E-Business Tips

An e-business is all under your control, far more so than in the risky, offline business world. This reality can be summed up as follows…

Nothing happens by accident in the world of computers, the net, and customer response.Read more

Does Your L&F Get the Monetizing Click?

Content & Article Writing

The Look & Feel ("L&F") reflects the theme and sets the tone for your website, connecting with your reader at a quick, subconscious level. However, your content is what ultimately wins or loses your visitor's confidence and trust.… Read more

3 Main Needs of Web Users

Ken’s Blog

Think of Web users as having 3 separate needs…

1) Need info on a topic. They do not want bits and pieces of time-sensitive info.

2) Want to keep up to date on a topic. They do want bits and pieces of info that is happening now.… Read more

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