Should I Pay For Social Media Followers?


This is a touchy subject, since there are factions out there on the interwebs who will state unequivocally that you should never, ever pay for, say, Facebook Page Likes. They say that it’s unethical and a waste of a money and nothing but a vanity metric.… Read more

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Business


By Sheri Frey, SiteSell Professionals

Before you start a social media campaign, it is important to understand that posting to social media as a business is different than what you would do personally.  Simple things like creating Twitter posts, Facebook updates and sharing video can seem tricky when you’re acting on behalf of your business.… Read more

How To Get Your Social Media Marketing Priorities Right

How To Get Your Social Media Marketing Priorities Right

It is easy to get overwhelmed as an online entrepreneur when you think about using social media to market your website and business. A quick search for social media on the web will turn up a host of articles insisting that you simply must use social network “X” to succeed in business.… Read more

3 Easy Steps to Building Social Media Relationships

3 Easy Steps to Building Social Media Relationships


The personal use of social (i.e., building friendly, asking-nothing relationships/personal networks) is a vital part of the “new Web.” It’s important to “join the club.”

Your niche’s “club,” though, has no formal application form or even “official” membership. Credibility is your admission fee so…

“Personal social” starts after you have a solid set of 20-30 pages, a little traffic (50 visitors per day) and 100+ Facebook fans or Twitter followers.… Read more

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