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The ''State of Solopreneurship''

The Internet presents unparalleled opportunity for individuals to build online businesses with freedom-creating, life-impacting results.

So goes the common wisdom. True or false? Consider…

  • the low financial risk (compared to offline business)
  • all the tools that have reduced technical barriers
  • the appeal of doing business from home (or from anywhere on the globe)
  • flexible hours, which can meet varying goals, schedules and pace
  • the “personal touch” advantage of social media
  • ease, low cost and flexibility (text, audio, visual) of communication
  • the increasing number of hours spent online (e.g., social, mobile)

These online advantages make solopreneur success possible.… Read more

Maximize Social Engagement With Optimal Hashtags

The term “hashtag” (blue in the Google Trends graph below) first appears in the English language around 2009. It took two years to spread beyond “pioneers” to early adopters.

After 2011, its use grew spectacularly, first to online business folks and then to the average person on the street.… Read more

Stuck for a Good Business Idea? Just Add Water!

Great ideas for an online business are everywhere. Your head’s full of them right now…

Everything that has ever happened to you, good or bad, is a possible seed for a business… especially the bad. Just add water and watch them grow!… Read more

Drive Sales by Overcoming Cynicism
The word cynic is a Greek word that means “doglike.” It was adopted by a group of ancient Greek philosophers who had subscribed to a certain way of life. Men like Antisthenes, who was a student of Socrates, followed by Diogenes, and others.… Read more

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