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Need More Email Addresses? There’s a Hack For That!

For the multi-tasking solopreneur, one email address is never enough. But setting-up and managing multiple accounts is a time-suck you could live without.

With Gmail, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Need More Email Addresses? There’s a Hack For That!

How to Create Unlimited Addresses in Gmail

Use your domain-based email addresses (i.e., for business.… Read more

Out of Ideas on What to Write About? Try This ''QWIKI'' Hack!

Are you knowledgeable and passionate about a niche? Others would like to know what’s in your brain!

Therein lies the rationale behind a classic way to build a profitable online business, one of the most consistently reliable ways for solopreneurs to succeed…

The Theme-Based Content Site (“TBCS”)

Most solopreneurs think about blogging when considering an online business.  … Read more

Written By: Margit Streifeneder in Strategies for Business Growth | April 24, 2017

Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook

If you sell a product, you may have tried Facebook Ads to drive targeted traffic to the product. Want to reach left-handed women in Coldwater, Ohio? With Facebook ads, you can!

Did you know you can also target your regular Facebook posts to specific members of your audience?… Read more

Written By: Margit Streifeneder in Real-Life Success Lessons! | March 15, 2017

52 Top Solo Build It! Solopreneurs Share Their Must-Do “Non-Secrets” of Success

For 15 years, we have received inspiring and inspired feedback about SBI!… Read more

Surprising Differences Between Pinterest and Instagram That Will Give You an Edge Over the Competition

Everyone knows that Pinterest and Instagram are the go-to social media if your niche is particularly visual. But did you know that there are differences between the two? These differences are so important that…

If you only have time to do one, choosing the right one may make the difference between success or failure, depending on your niche and goals.Read more

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