Why Publish on Kindle?


Sales of e-reading devices have boomed in recent years. As the graph below shows, ownership of dedicated e-readers (like Kindles) have risen dramatically in the U.S. in the last five years…

Add to that the following facts…

  • Amazon’s share of the e-book market is currently around 65%
  • Sales of Kindle books at Amazon overtook physical book sales for the first time in 2011

…and it’s clear that Amazon’s Kindle Store represents a huge opportunity for anyone with an e-book to sell.… Read more

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On Purpose Email Marketing. Don’t Use Oops Marketing.

On Purpose Email Marketing. Don’t Use Oops Marketing

Almost every day I get an email in my inbox with a subject line something like this, “Oops, I sent you the wrong link earlier today. Click here for the right one.”

Granted, I’m on a lot of lists. I study marketing and writing, and I like to look at what other people do in their marketing campaigns.… Read more

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