Monetize More Aggressively on Social Media With ”Visual Blockades”

Monetize More Aggressively on Social Media With

Most folks are exposed to your social media content through their news feeds, notifications, etc. They do not visit your actual account.

That’s OK, but it’s pretty “catch as catch can.” What you really want are direct visits to your account. And the way to do that is to be terrific, period.

How will you know when you receive direct visits?

Simple. Pay attention to the lifespan of a tweet or post now. As you become better and better known, the lifespan grows…

Instead of a tweet being “done” in a couple of hours, it can take a full day to get the majority of the total response. Responses to Facebook and Instagram posts can grow for several days.

People who choose to visit your account as a destination do not do it because you just posted. They do it because they feel like it – they WANT to see what you’re up to. And when they visit, they’ll react to several of your recent posts.

These folks will be…

  • your best fans, or
  • those who click to your Facebook or Twitter page from a link on your website (or another site if you have something that’s really worth sharing), or
  • those who are thinking of following you (what do you do before deciding to “truly” follow? You check out the profile, right?)

These direct visitors also happen to be some of your likeliest customers. And that makes the “Visual Blockade” concept important…

A blockade makes your product unmissable when folks visit your account. From there, it’s only a matter of time before you make the sale.

How Do You Set Up the Blockade?

1) Customize your profile with a monetization angle to it.

2) Write a strong post or tweet, one that also has a good monetization angle. Needless to say, it must also be excellent content!

3) “Pin” it to the top if it gets a good response (i.e., it results in some sales and folks like/comment/retweet/etc.). If it doesn’t, repeat until you hit a winner.

IMPORTANT: Don’t fake a winner – MAKE a winner. You could ask friends to come over and get folks to engage. But if it’s not that good, “real” visitors won’t be doing the same later. So what’s the point? Keep trying until you MAKE a strong combo content/commercial post/tweet.

The profile and the pinned post form a “blockade” for your product that stops the visitor’s eyes, creating a compelling exposure on your product-oriented copy. And…

Over time, the pinned image grows its number of likes and shares (or retweets) way beyond any other post or tweet. That adds some extra social proof for your product, especially if you’re in a non-Internet-marketing niche (i.e., your audience doesn’t know about pinning).

An Example

To see some blockades in action, let’s take a look at two of’s social accounts. First up…


The “Facebook Ad Blockade” is made up of…

1) A pinned post on the left…

  • The animated gif catches the eye as the sailboat on the horizon moves across the image.
  • The text sells the product (the “Anguilla Card”) and provides the link.
  • The comments add yet more social proof!

2) An “About” section on the right…

  • It leads with one of the best Anguilla videos (pure “preselling” content).
  • It introduces the website (“Insider’s guide to…”) and links to it.
  • It communicates the product’s benefit (“Save 10%…”) and links to the sales page with a shortened (more memorable) URL —

All in all, a strong, eye-STOPPING “blockade” that stops short of looking “salesy.”

Note: Want a short, memorable URL that redirects to your sales page (like There are a variety of ways to register short domain names…

1) Foreign top level domains (TLDs)…

2) Link Shorteners like

(The paid option might be needed, though — expensive!)

3) New Domain Names…

Just get creative!


Same idea as above. Collectively, the profile and pinned tweet…

  • Mention the product, its benefit and link to it (using
  • “Presell” the brand and website as a whole. The still of the Vine video in the image above (showing the Anguilla Card) is only a small part of the looping vid. The rest shows beaches, folks swimming, etc.

NOTE: The pic may be different when you see it as the owner rotates the pinned posts and tweets from time to time – a good strategy if you have a high return visitorship to your page.

Wherever you use a “Visual Blockade,” over time it…

  1. builds terrific awareness of your product
  2. sells by linking directly to your order page (without being obnoxiously salesy!).

Try it. It works!

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Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell)
Ken Evoy is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of SiteSell Inc. He is the creator of SBI!, SiteSell's comprehensive Web business-building system. Ken is also a successful inventor, author, and emergency physician. He feels strongly that solopreneurs can be empowered by leveraging their income building potential online.