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Open The New Door To Solopreneur Monetization


“Old ways don’t open new doors.”

– Anonymous

The Solopreneur’s Monetization Dilemma: Solved!

Most solopreneurs lead lives of “monetization desperation.” We’ve been doing the same old thing over and over again, for years, and expecting different results.  Einstein had a word for that!

Our monetization habit/problem starts from the second that we “agree” to take-it-or-leave-it deals. These adhesion contracts, carefully crafted by $1,000/hr BigCo attorneys (ex. Google, Amazon) are more than “stacked” against us…

They can be changed or cancelled at any moment, for any reason. That is NOT the basis for a resilient online business that generates growing income and builds true value (equity)

It’s no wonder that passive monetization earns solopreneur publishers less each year. Yet those who buy those same ads pay MORE each year! The solopreneur income share is increasingly going to BigCo’s bottom line.

The result? Many once-thriving online businesses are becoming low-paying jobs. What’s the solution?

There was a time when “Adsense & Affiliates” made optimal sense and maximal cents. No longer. The solution is not to optimize a deteriorating model.  Instead, think different.

Albert Einstein

It Is Time To Do Something Radical

There are more solopreneurs than any other online business type. Oddly, we choose to deal from a position of weakness, one by one, with the Giants of the Internet.

Instead, let’s leverage the incredible number of solopreneurs by pulling together.  Replace those unfair deals by working within a network that enables us to direct-deal fairly with each other!

Trafeze ends “divided we fall” by uniting solopreneurs into ONE monetization network, one that is…

  • Formidable: Trafeze’s proprietary algorithm vets and matches quality solopreneurs. No time-wasters and (like eBay or Uber), it’s only going to get stronger as membership grows!
  • Free: Put that 30%+ “Middleman’s cut” where it belongs, into the solopreneur’s pocket.
  • Flexible: Regular ads are often NOT the best way to promote. Use one or several models (ex., email marketing, joint ventures, social media, sponsorships, etc.).  Even ads take on new power when customized in ways that Google cannot do (ex., use a “Hello Bar”).
  • Fast: The online help efficiently steps members through the various models of income generation to higher income than you would earn through regular ads.

The Reality of Time Constraint, BigCo’s and Monetization

The optimal online business has 2 elements:

  1. targeted organic traffic
  2. a proprietary product or service.

Creating/building both remains SBI!’s #1 recommendation for success. Create valuable, interesting content (site and social) to generate high traffic. And build your own products or services (to maximally monetize your traffic).

The reality, though, is that many bloggers and website owners rely on passive income (e.g., Adsense ads and affiliate programs). This is the case even though the $-per-visitor rewards can be frustratingly low.

Aside from low pay, the frequent rule changes by “GiantCo’s” that dominate passive income for solopreneurs (e.g., Google, Amazon)…

  1. remind you that you are slowly losing control of your own site (“don’t do this, do that”).
  2. result in earning a little bit less, month after month — hardly noticeable until you compare year-on-year returns.

Why sacrifice income and control?

You know you should be making more money from all your hard-won traffic. You want to be your own (and only) boss. However, monetizing passively is so temptingly quick and easy, compared to “going active.”

That is the “Solopreneur’s Catch-22”…

The solopreneur’s biggest constraint is TIME. Entering the “real” world of online business feels like one step that’s too big, too far…

  • Few have the time to develop/market/sell/support a product while also creating and maintaining enough high-value, original content to grow a lot of traffic.
  • Many don’t want the bother or uncertainty of outsourcing (to free up some of their valuable time to develop a product).
  • Others don’t want to go through the learning curve and risk of paying for traffic (again, to free up “product dev time”).

Many people first start a solo online business because they love the idea of working solo, of being self-reliant. As your traffic grows, though, you face the dilemma of solo success. It’s a “pleasant problem” (it only comes after some success), but your decision is life-definingly important…

Do you settle for lower income (and the benefits of a simpler life)? Or do you decide to leverage your time and income by hiring others (adding some complexity and risk)?

What if there were a third way — a way to substantially increase your bottom-line earnings while still remaining solo? No risk. No complexity.

Enter Trafeze

Today we launched the next stage of Trafeze, the only monetization network for solopreneurs.

Go to Trafeze to get started!

Earn More and Stay Solo (But Not “Alone”)

Trafeze connects 1) solopreneurs who have built a high-traffic niche site full of high-value content with 2) other solopreneurs who have great products that they want to sell more of.  If your niches match, both of you have the opportunity to grow your incomes, no middleman.

Product Sellers can sell more by reaching the matching audience of Traffic Sellers through a wide variety of possible promotions. As noted earlier, there’s much more to the marketing world than paid ads…

Social media, special format ads such as Hello Bars, sponsorships, email marketing, guest blogging. You name it, Trafeze gets you to the “deal” and income fast!

There’s no fee. No catch. Create a free listing for your business that says who you are and whom you reach. If you pass the traffic algorithm, you become a member of a rather special group of solopreneurs.

Yes, your site does have to deliver enough traffic. The algorithm determines that.  If you miss at first, the good news is that a negative assessment is not permanent. Trafeze rescans all accounts regularly.

The concept is truly ground-breaking…

Combine “free” with fast identification of niche-appropriate partners, with the flexibility to customize a promotional program. Results are formidable

Trafeze unlocks income from seriously under-monetized traffic while also enabling product sellers to build stronger, more original, and higher ROI campaigns. It enables…

  • passive monetizers to take back control of their business.
  • active monetizers (those with their own product or service) to find numerous new high-traffic opportunities (everything imaginable, from ads to joint venture deals).

It’s much like Uber except under-monetized automobiles become websites and unhappy passengers who want a better ride at a better price are traffic buyers. Trafeze is “The Uber of Monetization.”

Remember, Trafeze is free (no upfront fee, no commissions, no charge of any kind)!  And it’ll free you from “GiantCo” control.

No need to gamble… Keep how you’re monetizing and blend Trafeze in for a while. When you see what we mean, you’ll phase “the old” out.

No downside, tons of upside…

The Bottom Line

Trafeze delivers both greater income and stability by diversifying the WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHY-&-HOW of your marketing plan. You are no longer at the mercy of unfair agreements and deteriorating paychecks.

It is THE perfect WIN-WIN arrangement for solopreneurs, both “Traffic Sellers” and “Product Sellers.”

Sign up today!
Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell)
Ken Evoy is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of SiteSell Inc. He is the creator of SBI!, SiteSell's comprehensive Web business-building system. Ken is also a successful inventor, author, and emergency physician. He feels strongly that solopreneurs can be empowered by leveraging their income building potential online.
Ken Evoy (CEO, SiteSell)

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